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PAYTREK USER COVENANT (hereafter will be mentioned as “User Covenant”) is hereby issued between PAYTREK ÖDEME KURULUŞU HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. and User who signs up to Site called www.paytrek.com.tr which belong to PAYTREK (natural or legal person who sign up to Site and benefit from Services provided in Site within the terms stated in this User Covenant) at the time when User Covenant is approved by the User at the electronic environment where Site is situated for the purpose of signing up to Site.

By signing up to Site, you accept, declare and undertake that you have read User Covenant through, completely understand the content and approve all provisions.

  1. User accepts, declares and undertakes that they will act according to all provision of the User Covenant, rules stated at related places of the Site and all current legislation, understand and approve all terms and rules mentioned above, while fulfilling the membership procedures, benefiting from the Services of the Site and carrying out an action related to the Services in Site.
  2. User accepts, declares and undertakes that PAYTREK is entitled to disclose their secret/private/commercial information to both public authorities and the holder of rights and therefore will not be claimed compensation, regardless of the name under which, in accordance with current compulsory legislation along with the provisions of Privacy Policy or in cases when it is claimed that rights of other Users and third parties are breached.
  3. It is their sole responsibility to secure, preserve, protect from third persons and use the tools for access to system that Users use for the purpose of benefiting from Services provided by PAYTREK. PAYTREK has no responsibility directly or indirectly relating to the loss suffered or will be suffered by Users and/or third persons because of negligence about securing, preserving, keeping away from third persons and usage of tools for access to system.
  4. Users accept, declare and undertake that information and contents provided by them within Site are correct and legal. PAYTREK is not obliged and responsible to undertake and guarantee to investigate the correctness of information and contents transmitted to PAYTREK by Users or uploaded, changed or provided by themselves through Site and also cannot be held responsible for any loss emerging from faultiness of the information and contents in question.
  5. Users cannot assign their rights and obligations within the scope of User Covenant partly or as a whole to any third person without written permission of PAYTREK.
  6. Those who benefit from Services provided by PAYTREK and use Site may act on Site with the proper legal purposes. Each transaction and action that Users carry out within Site is within their criminal and civil liabilities. Every User accepts, declares and undertakes that they will not multiply, copy, distribute, process pictures, texts, audiovisual images, video clips, documents, databases, catalogs and lists within Site in a way to infringe real and personal rights or assets of PAYTREK and/or any other third persons; will not engage in competition with PAYTREK directly or indirectly either with these actions or another. PAYTREK cannot be held responsible directly and/or indirectly for the loss that third persons has suffered or will suffer because of activities that Users carry out on Site in contravention of the provisions of User Covenant and/or law.
  7. PAYTREK, employer and managers of PAYTREK have no responsibility for contents published and services provided in Site by third persons including Users. Undertaking the correctness and compliance with law of information, contents, audiovisual images provided and published by any third person is the sole responsibility of people who carry out these activities. PAYTREK does not undertake and guarantee safety, correctness and compliance with law of services and contents provided by third person including Users.
  8. Users accept, declare and undertake that they will avoid such behaviors which may manipulate operation of the Site; otherwise PAYTREK will compensate any loss it suffers.
  9. Users accept, declare and undertake that they are obliged to check the written notifications that PAYTREK and/or other users will make about the transactions they make in Site from “Notification” and/or “Messages” pages and/or from e-mail address registered at Site, otherwise PAYTREK is not responsible for any loss they may suffer.
  10. Users accept, declare and undertake that PAYTREK will share the user information of the users who are entitled to participate in campaigns and drawings that PAYTREK perform within the context of kind of campaign and drawing through Site with related persons and institutions and therefore they will not claim any compensation from PAYTREK.
  11. Users accept, declare and undertake that this User Covenant is valid at every media that Site operates including mobile media.
  12. PAYTREK enables its Users to receive promotion and information messages prepared by PAYTREK on their own initiative. Users accept, declare and undertake that they give approval for every kind of promotion and information messages to be sent by PAYTREK in every media that Site operates including mobile media.
  13. PAYTREK may terminate the membership of a User who is detected not to abide the provisions of User Covenant and rules stated at Site temporarily or permanently.
  14. PAYTREK reserves the right to change Services and contents provided in Site any time; to delete and block the access of third persons including Users to information and contents that Users uploaded to Site. PAYTREK may use this right without giving any notification and time. Users are obliged to carry out the changes and/or corrections requested by PAYTREK. Change and/or correction requested by PAYTREK may be carried out by PAYTREK if necessary. Any losses, criminal and civil liabilities that emerge or will emerge because changes and/or corrections requested by PAYTREK are not carried out in time by Users belong to Users.
  15. PAYTREK may give ‘link’ to third person seller, supplier which are not under PAYTREK’s control and to other web sites and/or portals, documents or contents that other third persons own or operates. These ‘link’s may be provided by Users or by PAYTREK for ease of reference only; and it does not have aim to support web site or the web operator or does not carry any declaration or guarantee aspect regarding the website or the information it contains. PAYTREK has no responsibility for portals, websites, documents and contents accessed through ‘link’s at Site, portals accessed through these ‘link’s or Services and Products or their contents provided by these websites.
  16. PAYTREK may use User information or User information regarding membership for User safety, fulfillment of its obligations and some statistical evaluation as it wishes. It may sort these out on databases and store them.
  17. PAYTREK do not act as mediator or referee in conflict emerging between Users regarding to Services provided by and Products partaking in Site.
  18. PAYTREK may make content and/or message scan in order to determine messages and/or contents which are sent through Site between Users and in contravention of the way Site operates and/or User Covenant and/or general rules of the Site and/or public decency and not possible for PAYTREK to accept, and may ban the access to the messages and/or contents it determines at any time and in any way; PAYTREK may warn in written the User who composes this message and/or content and/or may terminate the membership of the User without any notice temporarily or permanently.
  19. Users and PAYTREK are legally independent parties. There are no partnership, representation or labor relations between them. As a result of approval and application of User Covenant, partnership, representation or labor relations do not emerge.
  20. In case determining any malicious transaction (usage) carried out manually or by using any program, automatic software, manual program, PAYTREK will initiate a legal action against the persons who carry out these transactions.

Intellectual Property Rights