256 bit SSL is used in all PAYTREK systems and processes can be carried out at the 3D secure security level. The servers that the programs work with are protected with ………. layered security structure and ………. layered backup is done. In addition, our products with the feature of repetitive payment function in secure media compatible with PCI DSS.

With the hosting and technical infrastructure of PAYTREK, we provide highest level system security. While we provide services in a medium that meets world class network, data and physical security conditions, we do the necessary updates regularly by evaluating our security-related policies and applications in accordance with changing conditions.

We take the following measurements within the scope of security;


The SSL, which is used in PAYTREK servers ensures safe transfer of the data between our users and the system by encoding. The encoding used is the same as the encoding standards used in banks.


The full version of PCI DSS is “Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard”. The purpose of PCI DSS is to ensure card information security in the credit card payment systems. This system has been developed by the PCI Committee constituted by the institutions such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Financial Services and JCB International, which are international credit card providers. PCI DSS constitutes the criteria and requirements which the organizations that get payment with credit cards need to comply with to ensure card information security.

User Access

Unless it is not requested by you, nobody will be granted access to your firm account. Only in case that a technical or systemic fault arises authorized PAYTREK staff shall access related data of yours for support upon your permission.

User Passwords

Users are supposed to create strong passwords and they are responsible for the confidentiality of the passwords they create. The user account is blocked in case of multiple faulty log-ins. Sessions that remains open for a long time are automatically closed.

Physical Security, Network Security and Security Wall

…………… (Business partner) which is the technological infrastructure of the application and the center where we keep the data of our users ensures highest level of data security and physical security (For detailed information see business partner). The network security against the attacks that may come from outside is ensured by us/business partner with the world class applications accepted by the sector.

Data Sharing

Data transfer is not shared with our business partners which do not have sufficient security without your permission.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up daily against possible technical problems.

Your data is more secure with PAYTREK

Your data is not stored on your computer with PAYTREK. By this way, your data remain safe in cases that your computer breaks down, is stolen or gets lost.

3D Secure

It is a system developed to enhance the security of the shopping transactions made with a credit card or a bank card via internet. With these “secure virtual shopping” solutions developed by Visa and MasterCard, both the card owners and member enterprises are secured against frauds. Online shopping carried out from virtual places of business having Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode logos are under the guarantee of Visa and MasterCard. In the 3D Secure system, while online payment transaction is being carried out, an operation code is sent to the mobile phone of the card owner by the bank and the identification of the card owner is verified. Thus, the use of the card by people who are unauthorized and ill-intentioned people instead of the card owner is prevented. The card owner does the shopping in a virtual place of business compatible with the system and he/she moves on to the payment section. An operation code is sent by the bank to the mobile phone of the card owner and the card owner proceeds with the transaction by entering the code. When the code is verified by the bank, the transaction is completed.