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We would like to thank you for following and using our services and products. All of our products and services are provided by PAYTREK. By accepting to use the services we render, you agree to accept all of the terms offered to you, as well. For this reason, please make a request to get goods, service and codes after reading the rules carefully. If you do not accept the terms, please do not make a request to get service.


Follow the policies and rules presented to you while using the services you get from our firm. Do not use the services for the wrong purpose by no means. The limits to which you can use the services are the limits that are determined with laws and rules. If it is detected that you violate the laws and rules for any reason, the service provided to you by our firm shall be ceased. For instance, using the service you get for the wrong purpose or a direct intervention to the system are against rules.

Security and Confidentiality

Sharing the services rendered by PAYTREK with 3rd parties poses the risk of losing money for you. Therefore, you need to keep your personal information that you create while getting service from PAYTREK website confidential. When you accept the service provided by the company, you also agree to keep all privacy information confidential and not to share any of the information with 3rd parties. You should know from the moment you purchase the service that you will bear the responsibility in any case of money loss that may arise.

You should secure the information by installing security walls such as anti-virus programs on the computer or computers on which you will use the service that you have purchased.

Do not give your PAYTREK information to any person or institution that resorts to you to give a loan or offer an award. Some websites that is presented with “PAYTREK” logo over some fake websites were founded for fraud purposes and they pose risk against security. Therefore, you should avoid websites or blogs that contain such ads and posters and you should secure your personal information.

Legal Responsibility

Processes that are described as a crime in the Turkish Penal Code numbered 5237 and as misdemeanour in the Law of Misdemeanour numbered 9337 are not carried out with the services rendered by us to the user. No goods, services or codes purchased from our company can be used in the betting sites, game sites or websites providing services such as games of chance and service information cannot be sent to other addresses by means of e-mail, phone or sms. In the event that these actions are taken, our company refuses responsibility for the losses that shall incur.

Change or Removal of Our Services

It is totally up to you to enhance or restrict the features of the service which you have purchased over our firm. The opportunity to stop using the services for good any time you like is a service provided to you by our company. By this means, it will be in your discretion to expand or restrict the service that is received and our company has the same rights if it is detected that rules are violated.

Responsibilities We Refuse

PAYTREK does not make any specific commitments and it does not accept responsibility in the contrary case.

PAYTREK refuses to bear any responsibility regarding the interruptions in the process, errors, neglects, cuts, deletion, loss, delay in the process or communication, computer viruses, communication errors, theft, extermination or entry to the records, change or usage without permission that can occur as a result of the violation of the contract, wrongful act, neglect or any other reasons;

Responsibilities Arising From Our Services

To the extent that the laws allow, our company is not responsible for any profit loss, data loss, income loss or financial losses that you will have. Thus, in case of such events, any claim for compensation shall not be satisfied by our company. The responsibility of none of the unforeseen faults that can arise after the service procurement that has been received belong to us. All of losses that can arise from all shall be covered by the user and our company shall not bear any responsibility.

Courts of Istanbul and enforcement offices shall be authorized for all the conflicts that can occur as a result of the aforementioned conditions. Both PAYTREK and you accept the jurisdiction of these courts by purchasing the service.

Audit Authority: Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency